Advanced error analytics for modern javascript applications

Track javascript errors and custom logs in real time along with user analytics.

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Supported platforms

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • IE (6+)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Others

Super Easy Install

Add a few lines of code and you are done

Advance Error Tracking

Apart from window.onerror, we also track asynchronous errors through setTimeout and setInternval. Even exceptions which are caught in using try-catch can be reported. Details

Unique Users

Track everything with respect to a user, so its easy to understand how many unique users are facing a particular problem.

Minified Code

The errors tracking works with minfied code as well. We are supporting sourcemaps which is used to remap the minified code to its original source code

Modular Logging

Similar to server side, you can do module specific logging in javascript. In dashboard, you can browse through these collected logs Details

X-Origin Scripts Supported

The errors tracking works with scripts hosted on other origin. This come in handy when your javascript is served from CDN's. Details

Smart Alerts

You will receive email alerts for any new unique error. It also send alerts when any fixed error is reopened

Actionable Items

Tickets are automatically created and prioritized for you so you can easily start fixing them.

Powerful Search

Search through the entire data to easily find what you are looking for.

Error Track API

We provide easy to use API which can track all errors related to object / class interface functions. Details

Stack Traces

Provide stack trace information for all browsers which helps you understand the flow of functions

Geo Location

User geo-location information is provided, which make it easy to understand the impact of the error

Custom Events

Can create custom events like click, scroll etc to track anything you want. Details

Duplicate Aggregation

All similar type of messages are grouped together on the basis of different types of keys, which made it really easy to understand whats going on


Understand whats really going on with advance charts and graphs

Multiple Projects

It's easy to manage multiple project with a single account.

SSL Supported

Security is very important to us, so we have enabled ssl by default for all the scripts

Receive 24/7 support

We are developers as well and we never sleep. Send us a message at for any queries

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